The images in this series were shot in the summer of 2009 at the Riverhead Raceway in Riverhead NY.  After rediscovering them in his archive, Hayward felt there was a story to tell. 'Riverhead raceway is a blue collar, race on the weekends kind of a place where both the drivers and the spectators wear their hearts on their sleeves. No bullshit, no pomp and pageantry, just honest hard working people letting off some steam and escaping to another world for a few hours on summer weekends. The drivers pay to play and their sponsers are more apt to be the local beauty salon or towing company, but their will to win and compete level is strong and robust as is their fervent and passionate fan base. The images have an almost nostalgic feel to them and they have inspired Hayward to revisit the Raceway this summer. 

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