The DUSK series originated from Hayward’s need and desire to shoot pictures that were free of monetary obligations and that he could shoot on his own. ‘I wanted to get away from having to find a studio or location and a support team every time I wanted to shoot a portrait'. He had long been fascinated by the quality of light at DUSK, as day turns to night, and on a walk home one night he came up with the idea of shooting the series. Two of Hayward’s main goals with the DUSK portfolio were to keep it simple and intimate. Just him and the subject. They discuss wardrobe and then meet at a pre determined location. ‘Most of the time I will arrive a half hour before and decide where to shoot. I need to see the lights come alive and allow potential locations to reveal themselves’. Frequently, Hayward will have not met the subject beforehand. Hayward adds ‘this portfolio really challenges my artistic integrity almost more than any other body of work as it is so spontaneous and I put considerable pressure on myself to create a great picture. I am always afraid of failing and wasting the subjects time and effort’.

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