The Antarctic images were photographed in December 2013. Hayward, through an old friend managed to secure passage on a ship leaving from Ushuaia, Argentina and crossing the infamous Drake Passage to the Antarctic archipelago. ‘The opportunity had been presented to me many times and each time I found reasons to say no, until one day I said yes. I had long been fascinated with Icebergs, a lot of it stemming from the lore of the Titanic. I also found it remarkeable that 80% of an Icebergs mass is under the oceans surface. The whole experience is almost indescribable and I found myself at times being almost overwhelmed. The 5 days spent crossing the Drake Passage there and back was a trip in itself. The sheer beauty and expanse of the landscape had a profound effect on me and has without a doubt helped shape my views on the environment and our relationship with the planet. The portfolio consists of images from the Drake Passage as well as the Antarctic landscape.

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